Gerstner+Signorile Stair​



Architect: MARKII Architect

Structural: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Contractor: Black Square Builders

Stair Fabricator: Marretti


Transitioning this duplex apartment into a triplex presented several spatial challenges, including the stair placement. Upon visiting the site, we discovered a pocket of seemingly unusable space that, if utilized, would minimize the impact to the apartment’s footprint. The clients were thrilled to hear apartment space could be maintained by taking advantage of that space for the stair.

While the stair’s placement lessened the impact to the apartment’s floor plan, the complexities of the stair itself increased greatly. Optimizing natural light, clearing the existing spiral stair, supporting the stair at a window, and minimizing the impact to the building’s aging structure were just a few of the constraints met and worked through during this project.

The result: a stair beautifully tucked away in a corner that allows even more natural light than before its existence.